Smoktech Is Coming Out With A New Tank

Here we are again, and today it will be short and sweet. We are just going to tell you briefly about the new Sub Ohm Tank that SMOK is coming out with very soon. It’s called the TFV12 Cloud Beast King, and for good reason. The stock coil is 12 coils, and that is crazy. They are always coming out with new products, pretty much every month now. The public goes crazy over each one. As long as the community buys them, they will keep making new products. But when is enough? How many coils do you need? How many watts is too much? I guess that is individual preference. Somebody always wants more. Nothing will change about that. There is already so much talk about this new Tank and it’s not even out yet. The famous reviewers don’t even have their hands on it yet. However, you can reserve your now so you don’t miss out. Head on over to The Best Vape to pick up the TFV12 Tank in 3 different colors. I believe they have it listed for around $36.00 right now, but that might go up as it gets closer to the release. You can also pick up the Triple Coil RBA on their site as well. Ok well that is it for this post. Thanks for reading.

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