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Smoktech Is Coming Out With A New Tank

Here we are again, and today it will be short and sweet. We are just going to tell you briefly about the new Sub Ohm Tank that SMOK is coming out with very soon. It’s called the TFV12 Cloud Beast King, and for good reason. The stock coil is 12 coils, and that is crazy. They are always coming out with new products, pretty much every month now. The public goes crazy over each one. As long as the community buys them, they will keep making new products. But when is enough? How many coils do you need? How many watts is too much? I guess that is individual preference. Somebody always wants more. Nothing will change about that. There is already so much talk about this new Tank and it’s not even out yet. The famous reviewers don’t even have their hands on it yet. However, you can reserve your now so you don’t miss out. Head on over to The Best Vape to pick up the TFV12 Tank in 3 different colors. I believe they have it listed for around $36.00 right now, but that might go up as it gets closer to the release. You can also pick up the Triple Coil RBA on their site as well. Ok well that is it for this post. Thanks for reading.

What We Are About & How We Are Helping

We have one goal here and that is to bring awareness to people about certain business’s and websites that would not get recognition on heir own. Today we are going to recognize a site that has been doing some amazing work and they have slowly been gaining in popularity, but not fast enough. This site we are talking about specializes in writing reviews for the newest vape products that are coming out in the near future. They work really hard and don’t get much appreciation for what they do, therefore we decided to write about them today.

One of their most recent blog posts is about a brand new Sub Ohm Tank that has barely arrived in stores or online shops, it’s the TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank Review that they did an excellent job on, I mean it’s very detailed, has loads of pictures, has all the information you could possible want and think of. It’s at least 500 words and there are at least 15-20 pictures. You can tell they spent a lot of time on this review and they deserve a lot more attention and recognition then they are getting, to be honest. Once you check it out you will be able to tell that they put a lot of effort into this post and that they really wanted to get as much accurate information out there as possible so that the consumers who buy these types of products can make an informed and educated decision on whether or not to but this product. Job well done to the guys and girls over at The Best Vape who took the time to really dig in and research this new product.

The other brand new post they did is the Crown 2 Review which is the newest product that has been released from Uwell, a already popular and successful company based on their previous products that are very popular and loved by tons of people in the vape community. The company that just released the Crown 2 initially started with the original Crown Tank and it was a worldwide hit and best known for the great flavor you get when using their tank. They did a fantastic job on this review as well, and they definitely put as much time into this blog post as the previous one we just wrote about. Come to think of it, every single review on their site is top notch and thorough. They do not skimp on writing at all, and it shows when they post new stuff on their site. If you are contemplating getting this tank then we highly suggest you check out their reviews that we linked to in the beginning of this paragraph.

As you can probably tell, we really love everything about this company and site, and we think they should just keep doing what they are doing and eventually more and more people will find out about them and then people will be spreading their name to their friends and family. Whenever we are thinking about buying some new vape gear we always check out their site first, just to see if they have done a review won it or not. Nowadays it just doesn’t make sense to buy stuff online without reading about it from a reputable source, of course. So go ahead and hop on over to their site, browser around a little so you can read the good stuff they have and check out the individual reviews as well as the main product categories. Ok well that is it for today’s review, keep checking back for more posts daily. Have a great day!

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